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Unit 20 APD Industrial Park, Elsecar Road,

Kya Sands, South Africa

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Sell Tickets

We provide off-the-shelf and customised ticketing solutions and registrations for events

What we can offer you…

Ticket Shop

We provide you a quick and simple way to sell your tickets or registering guests.

Print at home and eTickets

Your customers can print at home, or present their e-ticket to be scanned at the event

Customised tickets and packaging

We can customise your bespoke ticket needs as well as packages for multiple tickets that you may want to sell

NFC Tag Pairing

Your customer can also have their tickets paired at your event with a NFC tag which can be used for access control and caslhess payments

Special tickets & vouchering

We can create special ticket formats and vouchering for your guests.

Client Dashboard

Track and download your sales and revenue in real-time, allowing you to dissect ticket overall sales or by type of tickets - over a certain time.

Our Service Guidelines

From basic and quick set-up ticketing to bespoke tailored event ticketing and admission solutions – we’ve got you covered!

Features Basic Regular Premium
Online Ticket Shop Set up
Normal Tickets
Special Tickets
Ticket Packages & Complementaries
Ticket Voucher assignment
Custom development for Special Registrations
5%-7% Commission depending on Size
Ticket Sales dashboard

Why use Tap Tickets for your next event?

We can have your event up within an hour

Low cost set up fees

Live reporting and analytics on your sales

Can be fully integrated into NFC tags management for your event

5% Commission on Tickets Sales - at least 2% cheaper than rest of the market

Need to know more?

Drop us a note with your requirements and we’ll get back to you in a Tap