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Customised Conference Support

All in one Event and conference Solution

In addition to our ticketing and event solution offerings, we are able to integrate key conference components to deliver a seamless conference event

Delegate registration and on boarding

Delegate access control and tracking within the conference

Integrated Schedules and calendar for delegates

Speakers lists

Activity, Video, audio & photo feeds

Polls creation and interaction

Q&A within event - set up from client dashboard

General event info

Send delegates push notifications for updates

Track delegate transactions with vendors using NFC - even though all paid for event

Why use Tap Tickets for your next event?

We can create a tailored event just for your needs - quick, cheap and painless

Low cost set up fees and commissions

Live reporting and analytics on your sales

On site support

5% Commission on Tickets Sales - at least 2% cheaper than rest of the market

Need to know more?

Drop us a note with your requirements and we’ll get back to you in a Tap